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Anyone know the status of Michael Ricks, and what happened to Luther Davis and Brandon Gibson? I remember these guys being 4 stars last year and don't remember hearing much about them since signing.


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Ricks did not make the grades, and I think last I heard he was playing football at some small school in Alabama, maybe North Alabama, or something like that. Luther Davis and Brandon Gibson both made it in, and I beleive that both got redshirted.

I don't know about Gibson, I haven't heard much about him this year, but I expect Luther Davis to get a good amount of PT next season.


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Supergenius said:
Davis played this year.


In six games as a matter of fact. Some at DT, some at DE. He's in depth position hole right now with most of his PT coming when Gilberry wasn't playing. With WG's absence, he'll see a lot more PT next year.

Gibson did get his 'shirted year...not surprising with 10 WR's on scholarship.

FWIW, I don't know where Ricks is right now, but in '07 he was the 4th rated player coming out of JUCO, IIRC.
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