| FTBL QB Wilson takes performance questions in stride

CNS said:
“My confidence in John Parker Wilson is good," he said. “You know, John Parker Wilson needs to play, and we need to give him the opportunities to do what he can do. I’m not as disappointed in John Parker Wilson as everybody else is. I’m not talking about our staff. I’m talking about you all, because you all have these high expectations that are unrealistic for people so, then when they don’t do it, you set them up to fail. It’s coming for me, too.

“All we have to do is lose one more game and you guys all got me set up up here, and then you can kill me. I understand that. That ain’t no secret, so I don’t want to leave anything unturned with you, either. Is that all right?
If we were 6-0, averaged 50 points and 600 yards a game, JPW would be safe from criticism. When things are less than perfect there is always an element that thinks they know more than our staff about who the #1 QB should be.
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