| FTBL Prepare for a BLUE GRASS beat down!!!

RollinWithTheTide said:
Im just saying NO to drinking the kool-aid. Time to prepare for the wildcats. Hopefully McCoy' hamstring isnt that serious.

Enough bashing on the blackout bumdogs and time to get ready for this Saturday!!!!!!

I'm not sure we'll see McCoy this week. Good news is, UA doesn't need him to be victorious. We've got good depth at WR, and I think we'll spend a lot of time running it down UK's throats anyway. but with an off week looming, unless McCoy has some miraculous recovery by Wednesday which is doubtful with a hammy injury, I doubt we see him again until perhaps the Ole Miss game.
Sucks for McCoy and I hated seeing it happen to him last night.

That being said, I'm about past my big win for the dawgs and hope the team is already getting prepared for Kentucky. Hoping for another pachyderm stompin' on the run game.
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