| FTBL predictions on the MSU-LSU game?



I still think LSU is overrated. Just too many questions to be the #2 team in the country. I may be letting my bias against Les Milles get in the way, but I am gonna take MSU to win 23-21.
not a chance in hell msu wins... just strap on your gear for an lsu ass whoopin'...

just becauase its the first game of the season msu "might" (thats a strong might) keep it close for about 8 minutes or so, other than that, look for lsu to kick arce.
I'm interested in seeing how this game unfolds. Ryan Brown from Dunaway and Brown (local sports program) has said all along that this game won't be decided until the 4th quarter. He said he wouldn't be surprised if MSU was leading some during the first half. :shock:

While I hope he is right, I don't think that LSU will get beat. Cool thing is w/college ball you never know. I'm just ready to see some football!!
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