| FTBL POLL: Will BAMA beat South Carolina next season?

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Will BAMA beat South Carolina next season?

  • No, South Carolina will win.

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I think BAMA will have a good shot at winning since S.C. is still going to be green behind the ears with Spurrier's new system... but the home field advantage for S.C. will keep things about even. I fully expect that this will be one of our closest games next season... most likely decided by a late FG or even overtime. As of now, I'm gonna say they beat us... barely. If a kicker can step up for BAMA in fall practice, then I reserve the right to change my mind... :wink:

What say you?
I say you need to go read BarnerBo's RB thread. It's done....our O-line looked impressive at A-day, we have a capable backup should Brodie go down and now the best RB group in the nation. Oh yeah, don't forget about our Defense. Spurrier might need to count this game as a win some other year. :)

Sorry....BarnerBo has excited me with his news.

the RB situation does make things sound a lot better than they appeared a few days ago. the key is still a good O-line....a good O-line and can an average RB look like an all-star whereas a bad O-line can make an all-star look mediocre. if Darby isn't healthy it shouldn't be much of a problem from the RB standpoint. personally, i don't think Darby should be doing the bulk of the running even if he is healthy....he's just not built to be an every down back.

i still think USC's offense will be learning next season. i don't know much about the D situation, but i doubt they'll be as good as last year with the new staff coming in.
I was there back in 2001, the 1st time USC ever beat us, they tore the goalposts down. That team was an underdog to us that day, we blew the game a number of times.

Spurrier will win in Columbia, I hope we can too, not counting on this one at this time though.
I don't know who will win. I hope Bama. However, you can count on one thing for sure: Spurrier will get the most out of his players. He's good at that with the experience he has. That might just be the difference in the game.
O.k. here we go, I going to have to go with Carolina.

I'm scared to say that but here's a short break down break down.

The Gamecocks even with all the arrest and with Summers being kicked off the team seem to be in good shape as a whole.

Our strongest link on the team is the def. We have a pretty impressive line and our secondary has went from yourng last year to outstanding this year. It's hard to believe how well they've came along. Look for some more interceptions but also for us to get beat a time or two on the long ball. The line and line backers have really made a run of it as well. In the practices they looked great.

First off our line is not getting the job done, the wr arn't catching the ball well and we don't have a great qb. I've had the press pass's and talk to some of the players off the record about the situation and they feel the same way. But don't forget about the wr's Carlos Thomas and O.J. Murdock. Where we are strong is at running back....LOOK out for some playmakers. Write these #'s down so you can judge for yourself while watching our spring game.
#3 Cory Boyd Jr.
#20 Albert Ashcraft r-fr
#32 Daccus Turman Sr.

But after watching the don't write us off if you see a bad performance, Spurrier will develop a qb, and as he said himself "you are yet to see the finished product, What you see at the spring game will not be the same team come Sept."
I would like to see who the other 3 that voted SC are.

Spur said it himself, they aren't ready. Bama will win this game, maybe even by more than 10 points. If I'm wrong, AT will buy everybody a beer. :)

I think Bama gets it done . The defence should be stout and our offence ,I belive ,will be able to put up some numbers .
I know better than to underestimate Spurrier but He will need some time .
I think SC will pull out some games but not ours .
O.k. guys, I have a little update....

I've made it to a few of the practices and didn't really see a real progression from last year. However, this past week the Offense really steped up. Our running game will be a real problem for any team and we finally got the qb's and the wr's on the same page. If we find a steady qb and get the Off. line were we want them, this year could really shock the nation. Look for a high scoring game sat. Like I said before, watch the running game...
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