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When i looked at the ticket link on rolltide.com, it gave me a run down of the available tickets for each category you fell in point wise. Does anybody have a clue what these points mean and how you go about getting some. I'm afraid it's a Tide Pride thing and the more you donate the more points you get, but if anybody has a solid answer i would love to hear it.
You are exactly right. Points are accumulated through various donations....how long you have been a Tide Pride member and what all you are a season ticket holder to. If you have football season tickets and also B Ball or baseball you get extra for being a multiple sport season ticket holder, etc......

Also the more points you have determines whether or not you get to move up in seats at BDS if you want to "upgrade"

Dependant how much money you give you also get miscellaneous type things such as plaques or autographs or some membership BS card and trinket crap that really is of no use.
OK, thanks for the info...i guess i'll end up paying 200 bucks a ticket or more for the clemson game......the price you pay to bleed crimson :D
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