| FTBL Personality to play a LARGE role in UA vs AU


Personality to Play a Large Role in UA vs AU.

Editorial by TerryP

It’s a strange feeling making a statement that personality will be the defining factor in the annual match-up between Alabama and Auburn.

It’s often described as hatred.

It’s often described as the most intense rivalry in college football. While I believe this game ranks alongside the annual Michigan versus Ohio State game the thing that separates the two games is this is about two schools in the same state instead of two institutions within the same conference.

As fans of both schools talk about this game 365 days a year there isn’t a lot of talk right now about the match-up. Is it because there aren’t any ramifications on post season play weighing on whomever wins the game? Is it because the Alabama program has been mired in mediocrity for the last decade? Or, is it the fan bases have unconsciously started looking at the 2008 season?

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