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Coach of the Year -- Nick Saban (5), Alabama. The cynic would argue that the Crimson Tide lucked into four showcase games against teams that turned out to be vastly overrated: Clemson, Georgia, LSU and Auburn. But the realist remembers that nobody on earth predicted 12-0 and a No. 1 ranking for a bunch just one season removed from losing to Louisiana-Monroe and landing in the Independence Bowl. From Shreveport to South Beach in a year? It's possible. Hard as it is to believe, Saban has been a bargain at $3.75 million this season.
Bama Bo said:
Forde is a hypocrit. He was one of the main ones downing Bama for paying Saban so much when we hired him.

Yeah, that's true, but this is a pretty good column. Few writers are consistent - they seize on the next big thing and are rarely held accountable.

Having the whimsical pen of the press means never having to say you're sorry.


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