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Pat Forte, who I'm not a fan of, wrote a piece on Les Miles and his Hot Seat status in Baton Rouge. (Did a good job of showing both sides of that coin)

If CLM is booted, Forte aired out the thought that LSU would come gunning for CNS. Speaking as the LSU entity, Forte wrote "...And then we'll go get Saban back. He's got to be burning out on that Clan of the Bear craziness in Alabama."

I know the "NO WAY!" that I see with my Crimson colored glasses, but what points do you throw out as to why the next HC at LSU will not be CNS?
Why in the world would he want to start over? :lance:

Besides... Bama commands Nation Wide Football attention. LSU never has, frankly.

Saban could make more in business and seminar speaking than saving LSU again. :hyper:
LSU wouldn't even offer CNS, because the chance of him saying NO THANK YOU, would make the job seem less appealing to other potential candidates, and would hurt LSU big time. I could see them offering Kirby Smart 4 million a year though.
LSU will go after Muschamp i bet
You know Doe, that's my thought as well. LSU has the money to go get him saying "We'll pay you Head Coach money today", playing a rather hefty Bird-in-the Hand vice Texas' telling him to shut up, sit in the corner and wait your turn. It would certainly force Mack Brown and Texas' hand.

Oddly, an LSU buddy of mine does not think that they coulde pull it off. Maybe that's one of the dofferences between them and us...we thin we can do anything.
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