| FTBL Oregon's Cristobal comes out swinging about their opener against Auburn. "...just another team in the PAC-12."


Just adding fuel to the fire?

Two ways I'm seeing this. One, Gus is thinking "I could hang a hundred on them" or two, Cristobal—knowing strengths and weaknesses along the lines—doesn't think their (AU's) line is what it's cracked up to be.

It appears this may be a fake quote according to the guy quoted as getting it from the coach.

That quote is fake, FYI. That account is run by a Washington fan looking to make Oregon look bad, since the two schools are rivals. Mario Cristobal has never said anything like that, and I've certainly never reported anything like that -- because it's fake.
News is entertainment now. There is no real division between them and the news is expected to turn a profit just like any other show. Since propaganda is now legal to use against US Citizens (it always happened but now it is legal at all times) you can't trust anything the media tells you hasn't been paid for by someone.

Trump will win again more than likely, and not because he is great. The Democrats have decided that citizens are secondary to illegals and breadlines are a good thing. Most of the country disagrees with both of those statements.
So the story continues this morning ... Reier mentioning he doesn't think AU would have lost to 'Zona. No one saw them losing at home to Tennessee last year either...so.

On Sunday afternoon, a bogus College Football Quotes account on Twitter posted what looked like a screenshot of Patterson responding to another user and criticizing Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields and Jim Harbaugh. The supposed tweet from Patterson read as follows:

“Patterson is going to be the best QB in the conf, Fields hasn’t even played a snap yet that kids so overrated. Shea would’ve won the Heisman last season if Harbaugh had let him call the plays.”


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