| FTBL Nice pics from Ind. bowl

awesome! it's good to see them having fun. my favorites are the one where Coach is squatting down on the practice field with DJ i think in front of him. cool looking photo... and the one with JJ on the bouncing ball. HA!!
RollTideRandy said:
skeeter_jones said:
did the players all get gifts?

they're all holding the same kind of camera in pictures 18, 23, 24 & 25.

They're supposed to be getting a $300 Sony Bravia theatre system, which includes a digital media port, five-disc DVD/CD player and five speaker surround system with subwoofer. Maybe a lot of them just brought their cameras with them?

It's almost a garentee they all got little cameras too though.

Awesome pictures, thanks for the link kudzu. ;tr
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