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I've just finished some minutes ago my biography about Coach Bryant in Spanish language and I share it to the spanish community to promote the Alabama Traditions and our excellence around my country and other latin countries... I thought that would be a good idea to share it with you, maybe someone here could read it... Check it out!.

The Legend of Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant

skeeter_jones said:
will there be an english version?

i'd love to read it, but i can't read spanish.
First, thanx for your replies. It's much appreciated!.
But doing an english version of this size, for me, It's totally unreachable, sorry.. I'd like to do it too for share it in this community, but an english writing of this dimensions is highly difficult for me...

Excellent! You were very detailed in your work, and it shows. I'd also be interested to hear how you became a Bama fan.

I can only read a bit of Spanish, so I put your URL in the http://babelfish.altavista.com/
translator. The translation is only barely passable, but it's free.

I couldn't help but notice that it only took four comments on your website before an aubrun fan responded. Some things never change.


Ok, I'm a 'Bama fan since three years ago aprox. when I watched, for the first time, 'Bama playing at Bryant-Denny Stadium. I don't remember what game was being played that day, but what I most remember it's the stadium atmosphere and the greatness that could be breathed there... And the intensity with this crimson men played the game was very special for me too...

This thing got my focus quickly, but some years before, Alabama already got my attention, but that game at Bryant-Denny stadium, actually, was the key...

However, in those moments, I didn't know anything about 'Bama tradition and the excellence. Simply, I began to support 'Bama and to feel something special watching this guys at the field...

But, in a boring afternoon, surfing the net, I found all the excellence and the NC's, Bear Bryant legacy, etc... I couldn't believe what I was reading at those moments...

I felt in love by all these things. I love our tradition and our pride. I read a lot of books, and all things that have to do with 'Bama... I read some months ago "Always Alabama" and "The Game of my Life", but already I'm thinking about getting some stuff about Bryant legacy and other good books about our Tradition. I have and I watched some historical games that I got here; "The Goal Line Stand" in '79, "The Kick" in '84, Humphrey's game at Beaver Stadium in '87, The Game at The Swamp in '99...

I watch the season games thanks to subscribed internet streams (The unique method, where here, in my country, is possible to watch in live any 'Bama games, but this and last season I watched all of the important games (this season, for example, against Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Florida, Ole Miss, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn and Independence Bowl vs. Oklahoma State).

In these years, I enjoyed my self watching players like Ryans, Prothro or Croyle...

Approximately, I think, this is why I'm a solid 'Bama fan... Here, at my country, I think, nobody likes Alabama football (at least, I haven't seen someone yet). There're a lot of Texas, Notre Dame, USC, Florida, Michigan or Miami fans (However, there are very few college football fans too), but nobody is an Alabama fan. And those, which are not 'Bama fans, usually ask me why I am a 'Bama fan, and I always take the same response: TRADITION AND PRIDE, it's all about us, guys...

I believe with this writing I could get any attention.. :D

And that's all,

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