| CURRENT EVENTS "Musk blocked access to his starlink satellite network in Crimea in order to disrupt a major Ukrainian attack on the Russian Navy.” Repercussions?

I'm becoming more inclined to believe all of these things revolving around the Biden administration and the DOJ with Elon are rooted in his takeover of Twitter.

I see Tapper as trying to stoke a flame here. He's a part of the group that Elon exposed when he agreed to release the Twitter Files.

As far as this story goes?

In September Mush said Starlink will not be used in military operations.
He stopped Starlink from being used in a military operation.

Good for him.

I find it ironic that this story about Starlink being used in military operations is up front and center in the news but the story about the Musk group building the same type system for the US military hasn't been mentioned often. This was announced last year.
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