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Porter said:
LOL at making that into an article.

Staff reports?

I assume, their staff is searching myspace for news now?!?!

Really, I've seen this on BB's for the last 2 days now...they are taking threads on message boards and turning them into news submissions.

Well, if they are looking for things on the internet to turn into articles....

"ExiledTidefan is a devastatingly handsome man, with a thunderous libido and buns of steel."

What y'all want to bet that this gets a mention at Saban's next press conference. This is just the kind of thing he likes to tee off on. He is smart enough to figure out where people get their information too so enjoy Terrance's Facebook page while you can! :lol: :wink:
That is great news. I dont mind him sitting out the next 2 games that will get some of the guys more reps. But we do need him come time to go to LSU.
Here's some news. According to a Facebook source...the BCS has gone ahead and crowned Alabama as National Champions. It's been reported that there's not even a reason to carry on with the season, Alabama is far and away the best team in the country. The BCS has also announced that Glen Coffee has been named the winner of the Heisman Trophy

now....let's see 'em report that :D
Bottom line...No one knows yet when Cody will play. An MCL injury is hard to guage when it comes to recover time especially when you facto in Cody's size. I think he will play against LSU but Saban knows they have to be careful with Cody. As big as he is if he injures it again it could become much worse.
it seems like a legit page, theres alot of photos of him off the field and with friends such as




his status does in fact say he'll be back for lsu, so we'll see
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