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Should Shula Win Coach of the Year?

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...Award. Turning a 6-6 team to an undefeated team should make Mike Shula the Coach of the Year and he should be up for the Award.
Pete Carroll should have gotten it last year, not Tommy Tub o' crap.
That is the Ultimate Irony: An Agbarn coach getting the Bear Bryant award. A man who own the Tiggers 19 of 25 years in Alabama.

If not that, I would settle for SEC Coach of the Year. He deserves it already. Croyle should get SEC Player of the Year honors, most definitly.

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i voted yes... for the simple reason stated above. at the beginning of this year there was "no way" bama will win more than 7 games. well, i think turning a historical program like bama around deserves national coach of the year.
As of today? Yes. Sadly though... the writers and "experts" will be trying to hide their collective "woodies" while they give the award to Charlie Weiss.
Weiss is a good man, but at best a great coach. Mike Shula is a spectacular coach. Weiss doesn't deserve the Award for two reasons.
Michigan State 44-41 in OT(ND Loss) and USC 34-31(ND Loss).

Losing to the Defending National Champs is okay, but to lose to a .500 or less MSU team is just not good.
I can tell you right now that ND's Weis will get the award. Even if ND had a 2-9 record; Weis would qualify more so than a coach with an 11-0 record.

The media is in love and bed with ND. Those friggin little leprichons must have some kind of magical hold over the media.
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