| FTBL LSU vs UGA in BCS National Championship


Lets face it, the two best teams in the country should be playing tonight and they are both in the SEC.

WVU would be the only other team with an arguement.

I can't wait to go to work in the morning and see the OSU alum. :) I've heard WAY too many Big 10 homers this past week.

Now c'mon LSU and keep crackin' those nuts!
UGA vs USC would have atleast made me pay attention to this game alot longer than I did.

Here's a game summary for you in case you missed it: LSU came out unprepared like they did most of this year and let Ohio State touch them up a bit, which woke them up. LSU comes back to gain a big lead by getting cute, and outtalenting Ohio State for the rest of the game.

Same formula they have used all year. Its actually a solid formula, but obviously only works if they have the players to do it with.

Id have to say if LSU can repeat their successes next year, I am giving full credit to Les Miles.
I thought the best match up would have been USC and WVU. however, both lost crucial games to crappy teams when it REALLY mattered.
bamaupsman said:
I thought the best match up would have been USC and WVU. however, both lost crucial games to crappy teams when it REALLY mattered.

You're right. They had their chances.

Let's face it Ohio State and LSU both kind of snuck into this game. Of course Missouri more than had their chances too.

I do think the best team ended up winning it but a two-loss team needed a lot of help getting in.
I was listening to the radio on the way to work and there was a OSU fan already making excuses and saying that this was like a home game for LSU and blah blah blah... Do they have an advantage? Sure.. But doesn't there come a point in time where you might want to quit making excuses and face the facts. You have played for the National Title two years in a row and have been taken to the wood shed both times.
I said it at the beginning of the year... LSU has teh best team in the Nation. They don't have the best coach by far but their talent level is sooo high it doesn't really matter. With a good coach LSU would have been undefeated, and Ohio State would have been embarassed worse than they were. With a good coach I think LSU could have put in 2nd and 3rd stringers in the second half. lol


On the flipside other than a few times Miles did actually coach a pretty decent game and had his Tigers well prepared and disciplined in the game. So maybe he has matured a whole lot and will become a great coach. But with the exception of the BCS game, the discipline level on this team was terrible. I'm glad Dorsey and few other guys got this win, they are well deserved and can't wait to see them in the NFL.
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