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Here's an interesting, yet a little bland, article on spread formations and how they are integrated in different offensive schemes in the NCAA today.

I link this article for a few different reasons. One, so many said that a spread type formation wouldn't work at UF. UF probably runs as close to a true spread as any other team in the SE, with WVU (are they SE?) joining them.

Two, there is talk surfacing with the recent hiring of Johnson at Ga. Tech and how the triple-option won't work in today's era. What I've seen left out of those discussions is he runs a triple-option with a lot of elements of a spread attack along with it. A true spread attack stretches the field and allows the single back to find the hole. Spread the field with the option based offense and that element doesn't change a great deal. The only difference is instead of having 3 WR set, you'll have one or two more in the box. BUT, you'll also have one or two more blockers as well.

Lastly, I've seen some people mention they would like to see Alabama in a spread attack. Our offense is one that has elements of the spread attack in it. It's not a true spread and we really don't have a need to move in that direction. But, elements of it are there much like there was in CMA's time at Rice.

I know, it's Bob Davie and he writes like he's writing to a Jr. High group...but here's the link
All I know is Kirk Herbstreit just threw a football through my screen on that advertisment...

Thanks for the link TP, I've actually been looking into a lot of stuff of this kind lately. ;tr
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