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whistler said:
JUCO approach worked for Jackie Sherrill for a while and then.....

Jackie's problems had more to do with away from the field stuff than the JUCO issue. He could have been competitively indefinitely with Mississippi's strong JUCO system. When Peggy got sick, Jackie was not the same. He is one of the most intense people I have ever had the pleasure to know, and a much better coach than he gets credit for. He and Peg are good people.

His fascination with clowns always bothered me though.
I have not read the article yet, but I'll say this;

K-State, or Kansas in general, is not exactly a recruiting hotbed. It's hard to get kids to go to Manhattan or Lawrence.. I know that former KSU coach Bill Snyder relied heavily on JUCOs during his time there and he built K-State into one of the top programs in the country year in, year out after they were literally nothing.

I don't think that JUCO players are the way to go personally. Atleast not in large numbers year after year, but each program is different. Different dynamics are involved. Snyder made it work for him in his time there. Another coach may or may not have to rely on that formula as well, but I'm glad that we don't.
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