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Probably could have put this in the Pro Forum, but..

I was checking sportsline.com for player news on our impending draft this Sunday and happened to run across the news that the Pack just cut 11 players, one of which was Juwan Simpson. It's bad news but Juwan's still young enough to maybe catch on with another team. It'll take some hard work but he can do it.

Best wishes to Juwan with whatever he chooses to do.
is it just me, or was he kinda' a bum? i know we should support him because he is a Bama guy but he is one of my least favorites. maybe it's just me. i don't think he lived up to his potential or represented the university very well.
Well, he did run into some trouble his senior year, but I guess people will have to form their own opinions on his character based on all that we know (or don't know) about him and his time spent at UA.
I know he worked hard in school, and other than the "incident" before his senior season, he was a model citizen represented The University with class (based experiences I had with him). Hopefully, if he can't make a roster, he'll at least get on with a practice squad.
He seemed like a great kind up until his Sr. Year at Bama. Then it seemed like his attitude took a turn for the worse. Not sure what happened to him.

With that said I really hope he lands on a teams somewhere.
Tider 27 said:
Hate to hear that, hope he lands on his feet.

Shocked I haven't seen a ice cream cone joke yet.

What kills me about that is the ice cream comment started with Finebaum...and it was just Juwan taking a stab at what was said on the radio.

Now, as to his trouble...leaving comments where they deserve to be, off public forums.
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