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"He made a one-handed catch where he was half out of bounds and being pushed out and just grabbed it, and you're like, 'Wow,' " Wilson recounted.

That catch came during 7-on-7 work, but the message was loud and clear. Jones can go get the football.

"Just being able to throw it up and him jumping over everybody will be big," Wilson said. "He knows how to get open and knows how to control his body, too. He can run a route, turn around and jump and catch the ball falling down. With the shorter DBs, it's going to be tough."

Jones, one of the most highly recruited receiver prospects in the country a year ago, has also been a better technician than most probably expected this early.

"He's got a big body and runs really good routes for a freshman," Wilson said. "A lot of times, guys will run sloppy routes because they can get away with it in high school, but he runs crisp, clean routes.

"Julio's a special player. He'll have an impact Day One, Game One."
Lookout Tigers!
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