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I'm sure this is what you saw... As far as he goes, I've never heard of him having inside sources, but I dont know. I do know he is the dingbat that wrote that "Alabama will be better without Colin Sexton" column.
I do know he is the dingbat that wrote that "Alabama will be better without Colin Sexton" column.
Or, the one about how the southeast is ruining college football because teams from Texas and California haven't made the playoffs ... the one where he suggested Bama fans wanted Dabo as our coach now versus Saban.

Clueless? Troll? Both?
Just hope the dude is right about Billingsley. The kid really looks good in practice and looks the part physically like the next OJ/Irv reincarnation.

As far as his intel is concerned some of his bullet points we've all probably heard some of this stuff bantered about in camp. Brian Robinson has got the royal shaft as far as opportunities to carry the ball. Coach Saban eluded to the fact he has deserved more carries. McKinney has been special, Waddle could be the next big, big thing.

Unfortunately, this guy aspires to be a pot-stirrer otherwise. In his think pieces, they are mostly without thought.
No, he's not the Bama beat writer. He's AL.Com's replacement for Kevin Scarbinsky. He is a joke! A total Sh**head. The perfect example of why Al.com folks make in the high 4 figures in yearly salary....
Billingsley is raw!!! Saban spoke about him after the scrimmage today and said as much. He played in the inner city league of Chicago and needs to be coached up on routes, blocking, etc.
Davis ran with the 2’s today and seemed to be more in role of Jack than any type of edge rusher. Parks, Mwikuta, Allen, and Kevin Harris are more the edge guys.
Davis ran with the 2’s today
He's been getting a lot of reps with the 2's since the beginning of camp.

There's one tweet that jumped out to me within the timeline if Goodman's original tweet. I'm still wondering how I should interpret his comment. It's either he doesn't know anything about Davis and the stories that have surrounded him since he's been on campus or he's playing dumb. I consider the possibility of either being equal.

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