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Hey, take a look this crazy SEC Report by CFN:



Mid-Season MVP: DB Rashad Johnson
predicted wins: Tennessee, LSU, UL Monroe
predicted losses: at Mississippi State, at Auburn
predicted record: 8-4

They predict Bama will beat Tennessee and LSU. :che
... but losses against MSU and Auburn. ;scr

what a report!!. :D


LSU beat MSU by 45...but... we will beat LSU but not MSU?

How is a Triple OT game (LSU v UK) not the best game this season? Because LSU lost?

Other than that, I don't that I can argue against Rashad for MVP.

I dont' think anyone can agrue with the comment regarding JPW.
It Takes Eleven said:
Wow! Pretty interesting stuff.

Can't believe they consider Rashad Jackson the 10th best player in the entire league.



He is tied for first in the league in picks. Not too shabby for a converted tailback.

I don't know that he has that much talent, but he plays hard...a lot of heart.
They are predicting road losses as if it was basketball. Which is the reason for the LSU & MSU picks. There are similar picks with just about every team.
Verne can tangle and mangle some names but Mike Patrick this year has been the worst with names. Every running back for Alabama, no matter if it is Terry Grant, Glen Coffee or Roy Upchurch is named Terry Grant according to Mike. It keeps things simple for him I guess! :lol:
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