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Kirk Van de Graaff

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I say this with the knowledge of how awesome the people on this board truly are. The one thing I have realized in let's say 20 years or so of this board's existence, is that the loyal core group of people here (Staff and Members) are top shelf. You all with your individual thoughts, insight, agreements and disagreements, and particularly KNOWLEDGE of Alabama has truly inspired a lot of good stuff and topics through the years. I have grown and learned a lot from all of you. Sometimes you just have to give accolades and no better time than the last day of a calendar year an bringing in a New one. I am particularly honored to have been a small part a while back of the board, and being able to share my thoughts still to this day, (which might I add are no way gospel. LOL) TY Lance, Bran, Doug E Fresh, Phil, Tim, Greg, Reger,Joe Plantmateo and TerryP. (Others no longer involved like Chop and such) I truly mean this. Great job keeping what we have going for 20 years. To EVERY single poster and I mean good or bad, everybody. you to this day, built this. shared a small corner of the WWW world and made this a very insightful collective, Alabama dedicated board.

I wish you all a Happy New Year, and a prosperous one. Roll Tide!!!!!
I missed some by name outside of staff like Jay, Rick and such because I would have to name all of you. Forgive that please.

RIP Bo, my brother, I still think of you often.
Yes. Thank you all for letting me stay around. As most of you know, my wife dragged me up to this frozen, beautiful state. It truly is a beautiful state but definitely not Sweet home Alabama! If it wasn’t for this board I wouldn’t have access to all things Bama.
Sincerely, thank you!!!
I would name you for sure too man. The list is to long. Just so you know. Lots of you.
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