| MBB/WBB If you could pick one player from Bama basketball teams of the past and put them on this years team, who would be your pick?

40 or 45 and I remember Wendell Hudson, Leon Douglas, Reggie King, not to mention, Anthony Murray, Ricky Brown, Bobby Lee Hurt, Keith McCord, Robert Scott, Ken Johnson, Eddie Adams, Mike Davis, etc, etc.?

@50+yeartidefan, help me out here?
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You’ll know 50+ is on the way.... ( cheesy i know)
Lets start with one that was captain of 67 team....died in car wreck before 68season
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418EEC27-E7B7-4D9D-8091-F202DD5480CA.png Guy Lee Turner. .....RIP. Hard worker....dandy guy...
000DF3AF-AD42-4084-81B8-985CA15E03AB.jpeg Reggie King....heck yeah
29F24512-6A11-4D2C-BDA8-66CA42812B63.jpeg 0B4A0ADA-B9D3-4F7B-8287-A22F787323DC.jpeg Rod Grizzard Kenny Walker Erwin dudley.

83FF2331-FA4C-45C5-A0DD-857530B6BD97.jpeg 1968 team...

Got lots more but you know i love saying it with pictures...lol
Robert Horry for his playmaking ability on both ends of the floor!! He had an attitude about him as well. Get him off the court and he was a cut up though!!
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