| FTBL How can a Trucker get Bama game audio on the road???


Hi friends,
My husband is a truck driver with Sirius Satellite
Radio. He's been off on medical leave & is going back out on the road next week.
Here's the deal: Sirius USED to carry SEC football, now they DON'T!!
Sirius & XM are merging, but when we called Sirius with our questions & concerns, they had no idea WHEN the merger was, & IF they would carry SEC football!!
Does anyone have any answers?? They told us that in 2 days XM would no longer exist, so he can't use XM until the merge is complete. Is this true??
My husband has used Yahoo Sports for Bama game audio, but that's hard to do if you are driving down the road. Some places you'll lose the signal on the Air Card.
Can anyone help us out? My husband is one worried Bama fan!
Since no one has responded yet I'll try to help. to be honest though, I have no knowledge whatsoever regarding sirius. I mean, with sirius do you get all of the regular AM/FM programming as well as sirius programming or not? See, I don't know how that stuff works.

I have used this site to listen to games before, so if your husband is in the area and can get the standard programming he could try 94.1 wzbq. They've carried BAMA games in the past.

Also, many AM stations carry the games. Your husband can flip the channels until he comes to one....assuming he still has standard AM/FM programming.

Sorry I'm not much help, but I've never really looked into sirius and don't know anything about it.
most every city has a station in the area that has espn radio. The clemson game will be on that. Now as far as other games you could always go low tech. If he has a cell phone that has unlimited weekends of course. you could place another phone in front of the radio and he could put his on speaker and listen that way. :lol: I know that sounds crazy but it works as a last resort.
On second thought you could be the perfect wife and study up on the players and know who they are and what number and do the play-by-play yourself. :D
Does he have a laptop PC with a Verizon type internet card? That may be one way but I don't know how the coverage is. I know most of the major roadways have cell coverage and I would think that he might be able to listen to one of the online radio stations.
Hi guys,
Thanks for all the advice.
Yes, my husband does have a Verizon PC card, but I think XM will stay on the air as is for the next 3
months or so. Just long enough for my husband to make it through football season. At least that's what XM just told us :roll:
As far as being the perfect football wife...I'm a bigger fan than he is! I've NEVER missed a game in 16 seasons! I was in the hospital & the game was on Pay-per-view & I threw a fit until a nurse found me a radio! My husband depends on ME to keep us up on the latest Tide news. I know...YOU wish YOU had a wife like me! :lol: And NO I don't have a sister!
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