| OT Greg McElroy - Football season starts tonight, but so does Bourbon season. My decision looms!!

From the looks of the image, I'm wondering if he even drinks them. :unsure:

Me and Greg need to be drinking buddies. Seems our actual taste is similar from the ones that have really been used. Except Whistlepig. I can't bring myself to buy whiskey that expensive for anything other than an important gift so I have no idea how that tastes. Probably not 4 times as good as Larceny or Buffalo Trace.
@BamaBoyJosh, come on. The tone of the statement is full of pretension and you know that. "Thankfully," as if you've avoided something bad. It makes me roll my eyes. You're scoffing at people's life choices and enjoyments like you have their beliefs.

Maybe this is clearer ...

<enters safe zone> It doesn't feel like intolerance, it feels like you're being pretentious //

It's my opinion Greg is being pretentious in this series of tweets. That's no "bourbon lovers collection" that he's put together. That's the efforts of an interior designer with a budget. I rolled my eyes when I saw the tweets as well.
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