| FTBL Great Saban read

Great read, thanks Phil. I wonder what the meeting with the Nike guys was about. Any ideas?
The staff clears the room. Saban remains to watch film of recruits, scribbling notes and making grades about prospects on a form. A secretary enters the room to remind him of a meeting he has with Nike representatives.
I love this quote!

"That's the paradox of success," Saban says. "The moment you stop to enjoy it, you are in trouble. You have to keep moving forward. It's not what you have done that's important. It's where you are going.

"We aren't at our goal yet."
It was certainly worth the read! That may be the best article I have ever seen out of Rivals. I am assuming with Dienhart being able to take this all in may be the reason he picked BAMA to go all the way. Seeing is believing after all.
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