| FTBL Gonna be odd for the Georgia fans this week.


Gump 4ever
An era is truely coming to an end

I don't listen to many Georgia games, but have off and on over the years and it is sad, understandable, but sad when you lose guys like this. Fyffe at Auburn a few years back had one of those type voices, just like Munson. These guys are as much a part of the tradition that goes along with college football as the game itself. Good luck to the Jawja fans and I hope his fill-in/replacement will be better than Bramblett at AU.
It sure was easy to find a UGA game on the radio back then. Even on a scratchy distand AM station you could pick that voice out of the noise.

It will never be the same.

We just stepped on their face with a hobnailed boot and broke their nose. We just crushed their faces!"
Munson is the all time best radio play by play man. He is such a homer, and thats the best thing about him.
We, us, them. "They ripped our hearts out and left us bleeding in the streets. The stadium rocks back and forth and they try and get us to drop it. We'ere lined up to kick this one 100,000 miles.."
If you want to hear some great calls, look up his stuff, its everywhere on the UGA boards and websites, and lsiten to anything from about 80 to present. Early Hershal days are good.
I remember in the early days of the Atlanta Braves he was right in there doing baseball play with Milo Hamilton. I know Georgia fans will miss him, much as we Bama fans miss John Forney. I understand that he will continue to do the play by play for home games.
From the few games I've heard from Munson, I've enjoyed his voice. It sure would be weird to hear a Alabama game without Eli, I know that much.
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