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Wow. :shock:
Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt met with his athletics director and the university chancellor Friday morning. That meeting occurred with the backdrop of Auburn taking a look at Nutt to replace Tommy Tuberville.

The News reported Friday morning Auburn was interested in Nutt and Florida State offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher, and possibly a few others. Nutt met with Athletics Director Pete Boone and university chancellor Robert Khayat.

Two names that have been talked about, especially nationally, can be stricken from the list. Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, who insiders say expressed an interest in Auburn, is not being considered. Texas defensive coordinator and former Auburn assistant Will Muschamp is content in Austin.

Nutt has a way of getting his name in any hat without a head. How many times did he have to turn down programs to stay at Arky? Around here they were even trying to say there was interest in him from Bama. :roll:
Isn't his agent Sexton? I think he has a form saved on his computer like this:

Houston Nutt, head coach at _____________ spoke to AD __________ about 2 hours today. They met to discuss recent rumors that Nutt was a candidate for the recent coaching vacancy at _____________.
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I absolutely love the way Jimmy Sexton operates...LMAO!

I assume you are referring to "smoke screens"

No, not really here. With Auburn looking for a coach and Nutt's name out there...after a good year in Oxford, he's probably looking at getting his client an extension and a raise.

Some don't care for his tactics. I appreciate what he does, how he does it, and the results he gets.

If you look over his list of clients in the coaching profession you see a lot of lucrative contracts.

The man is simply good at what he does.
Nutt to Auburn makes no sense from either side. From Auburn's side, Nutt is a pretty good coach, but not an upgrade over Tuberville. Equal at best. Why fire Tuberville to hire Nutt?

From Nutt's side, right now he has more talent than Auburn, he's the top program in his state, and Auburn has the worst "good ol' boy" collection of boosters in the SEC (according to Tim Brando).
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