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I spent a few hours tonight drifting around and reading other boards. It really does one good to quietly venture around and see what kind of people make up the other fan boards.

Yes, after reading dozens of hateful comments, I feel refreshed and ready to despise.

Here is the general mood out there...

LSU- Got to love boards that are still spewing venom and classless bullcrap about Saban and Alabama. I really hope they don't go to the BCS NC game.

Auburn- nuff said.

Tennersee- Same old bile and bitter cuds. At least many of them are turning on Philbert.

Arkansas- Overall, not a bad bunch of fans. 1500 posts about how much Nutt stinks.

South Carolina- We got Spurrier! (Oh crap, we lost bad last week.) But we still got Spurrier!

Vandy- Crickets chirping and posts involving chemistry finals.

MSU- Unreadable by most accounts. Most of these folks would like to be haters, but they can't get past that whole subject/verb agreement and spelling quandary.

Ole Miss- We got cheated by the refs!!! Since 2001.

Florida- Everybody sucks but them...Oh, but there is a sale on jean shorts at Goody's next week. Stock up!

Kentucky- Is it time for March Madness yet?

UGA- Way more Aubie hate going on. A few snide Bama remarks every now and then, but basically they have other fish to fry.

aTm- Talk about celebrating. They are already waiting to see the smoke rising from the admin building to signal their new savior. Plenty of Fran memorabilia going cheap.
You must really enjoy playing possum or simply getting depressed or both.

Good stuff, possum. Now I won't need a downer before bedtime. :wink:

Reading that list makes me even more thankful for where I hang my hat.

LOL! :lol: Nice synopsis! :lol:

I can attest to the TAM comments too. There are a lot ....and I mean... A LOT.... of pissed off people on that board right now. We might witness a homocide soon. With what happened yesterday and Franchione still sitting in his oval office there are some very upset Aggies on TexAgs.com these days. Many of them thought the pain had finally come to an end, only to find out that the the athletic department was like, uhhh, my bad. :D
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