| FTBL Georgia @ Alabama 1994 ESPNC

Best after the game party ever...I don't know what time they ended up getting all of the people off of the strip that night!

It's one of my all time favorites! Of course, I don't get ESPNC...but I do have it on DVD!
I remember that game well. I was throwing a bachelor party for a friend. We had a great game to watch and then a great show afterwards with 2 strippers. Ah the memories !!! :D
JacobGibson05 said:
I wish they would still let us partying like that. Now we have to be out of there at 2. :(

It was the same law in place then if I recall correctly. Those in charge...well, they just let things slide that night.
I was there to

I went down there and bought 2 tickets for $90 each right at kickoff time. Went in and found I was in the UGA section. WTF?

Bama came out and looked really flat. D gave up 3 TD's, Barker was having a terrible night. But managed to fight back and make it 21-10 at half. The UGA fans were really yukking it up with me. I told them "we are down, we've got you right where we want you". They laughed at me.

Then, a ray of sunshine. Two UGA fans come up the isle saying "we have tickets in the Bama section and just want to trade so we can sit with Ga fans." I didn't care where the seats were, I was on it like a fat kid on a cupcake.

So me and my GF head out to find these seats. WOW! 35 yard line about 3/4 of the way up near the student section. I got to watch the 2nd half rally from awesome seats. I still remember how the air over the student section erupted with cups when Proctor's game winning field goal went through the uprights. Then the deafening roar when Zier was sacked on the last drive.

Hands down the best game i've ever been to.

Good times....
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