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Gene Stallings story

Talking about life recently former Alabama head football coach Gene Stallings told the following story regarding his love and relationship with his son John Mark.

"John Mark loves Alabama more than anyone alive. When I go to bed at night I hear Eli Gold in my sleep. When I get up in the morning, he usually is watching an Alabama game. Several weeks ago I saw him watching a copy of the 92' National Championship game. My heart swelled with pride knowing I was a part of something he cares so much about.

Later that evening, we were skipping rocks on a creek at our ranch when I realized what a special moment this was. How blessed am I to have such a special relationship with my boy?

I reached down and scrubbed his head and said 'Son, who is your favorite Alabama coach?

He looked at me with no hesitation and replied 'Nick Saban'."

Roll Tide, John Mark, Roll Tide!
It's true too. I heard him tell that story (slightly altered) a few weeks back. He replied "But son, your old man coached them to a National Championship ya know..."

John Mark replied, "But you're not the coach now..."

He also said that for Christmas one year, he wanted a shirt that Mike Shula wore on the sidelines. That's a true fan...

Last story, probably the funniest he told...

He said he was watching Texas play Iowa (I think?) in their bowl game last year (Alamo?) and he was yelling at Mack Brown about what plays he should be calling and etc. when John Mark looks up at him and says

"Not your job daddy..."

He replied "...Yeah, I guess you're right..."
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