| FTBL Geez, UF loses two more to ACL injuries making 5 since ...

Well, might as well put Georgia on that list too. I just heard on the news that they lost one for the season due to surgery. OL. One of Stafford's top protectors. And Ole Miss has one on defense out for 6-8 weeks. Let's all pray that this injury bug doesn't bite Bama. That's all I'm gonna say so I don't jinx us. I'm knocking on wood as I type. :wink:
I think we are real lucky to have minimal injuries so far this season. But i really don't think we should wish that a certain player get injured.
it's a shame to hear about all these kids getting hurt. they work their butts off regardless of what school they go to and some of these guys are setback 6 months to a year with these things.

it looks like our off season conditioning has helped us so far.

Gators sophomore offensive lineman Jim Barrie and freshman linebacker Brendan Beal are the fourth and fifth players to tear their ACLs. Beal suffered his injury during Monday's practice and Barrie was injured Saturday.

"Five ACLs, that's a tough deal," Florida coach Urban Meyer said after announcing the latest injuries following Tuesday's morning practice.

Tight end Cornelius Ingram, who turned down the NFL to return for his senior season, tore his left ACL during Florida's second day of practice last week. Redshirt junior Dorian Munroe, a projected starter at safety, and senior safety John Curtis, a backup, tore ACLs in July.

All have had surgery and will miss the entire season.
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