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Tonight on NBC13 Mike Royer will do the first of a 3 part series interview with Saban.

I thought they did live video streaming, but I couldn't find it. If nothing else tonights 1rst part should be on tomorrow. Also the 3 parts run: Thursday, Friday and Sunday (go figure).

Heard Royer (Mike) on Dunaway and Brown on the radio this afternoon. Said he was really impressed and thinks that the next few years of the Bama/Barn (providing the coaches stay in place) rivalry will probably be the best it's ever been. He was very impressed with Saban.
Kinda opposite for me...I've been raised here...been working for the Parks and Rec dept for the city for the past three summers so if you see someone on the side of the road picking trash...it's probably me :lol:
Sweet...I live on Winterhaven Circle behind Buck Creek Park...I report to the shop behind BCP...if you go to work tomorrow, check out the sign that I made stating the BCP's going to be closed tomorrow morning...very nice handwriting :roll:
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Sooo, is there anyway to catch this on the net? :D

Gone back and looked on the website for the first installment. (not there) I'm hoping that after they do all three that it will be on there. I'll keep a look out for it.

Aight, thanks rj. ;tr
Well it's not the video, but here is what Mike said about the interview.

"I’m just back from Tuscaloosa where I did a 26 minute interview with Alabama football coach Nick Saban. I asked for the interview saying that I didn’t want to talk about football and we talked about a lot of things, football not really one of them. I started by asking him about something I knew we have in common, pontoon boats. He has one on a lake in north Georgia. I have one on a lake 52 miles from my front door. I have a pontoon boat because it’s just the right size and speed for me and my family. He has a pontoon boat because his wife Terry talked him into it. Coach Saban is a more daring guy that I am. He’s been riding jet skis and fast boats for a long time and now he says getting that slower boat that will hold 10 or 12 people is just the perfect boat for him now. I’m spending a lot more time on my pontoon boat right now than the Head Coach at Alabama is. My schedule is busy, but manageable, his is crazy.

I’m not sure how we’ll use the interview yet, that’s up to the bosses here. But, I hope I can turn it into a 3 or 4 part series featuring the highlights of the interview I did with him. I’d like to air the interview in its entirety here at NBC-13.com. Coach Saban was like I expected him to be in many ways, but very different in others. I expected him to be intense and he seemed that way at first. But, today he seemed to relax and seemed to like being asked questions that did not include what defensive scheme will you use and breakdown your depth at running back for me. We talked about family, his fund raising efforts to support Nick’s Kid’s, the organization he and his wife have established to fund a variety of children’s programs. He talked about his heroes and how he measures success. I’m reading a book about legendary coach John Wooden right now and many of Wooden’s ideas about measuring success are similar to Coach Saban’s.

We have something else in common. We both figure that if Attention Deficit Disorder had been around in the 60’s he and I would have been poster children for it, he in West Virginia and me in Indiana. He talked about working forever. Not that he really would, but knowing full well that as fun as pontoon boats can be, and as fun as golf can be, they can only be distractions from the thing you really love, football for Nick Saban and broadcasting for me.

I don’t really have a dog in the fight for football supremacy in our state between Alabama and Auburn, but I will tell you this; over the years I find myself rooting for good people or at least people I perceive as good people. There have been times I pull for Alabama when the coaches and leadership seem like family and I’ve had years where I pulled for Auburn when their leadership was the kind I find positive. This can be a tough season for a fence straddler like me. Both of our big state schools have great leadership, good people leading their athletic programs. It ought to be a great year for sports fans in our state, and I’m looking forward to it more than usual.

I’ll let you know when the Coach Saban interview can be seen here and on NBC-13. It was a good day today. I enjoyed visiting with a driven, focused man who loves what he does and challenges others to be the best they can be.
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