Several of you guys have recommended the show. Good call. I watched the season yesterday.

I'm not a big Bridges fan. Lithgow, on the other hand? He's played some good dramatic roles (see The Accountant) but I have to admit I enjoyed his character in 3rd Rock from the Sun.

I enjoyed watching Amy Brenneman in NYPD Blue.

Which brings me to "Maybe," from Arrested Development, also known as Angela Adams in this series. It was fun seeing her again.

The show isn't that bad. A bit predictable though. I was thinking Angela was his daughter before the reveal; thought she was Hamzad's daughter by the end of episode two.

Overall, for you guys who haven't seen the show, it's worth the time.
I enjoyed it. Look forward to the next season.
How do they bring the dogs back to the story? The location moves back to the States.

A key thing in dramas like this is the audience can't be that far ahead of the characters in the story line. So, we know that reveal—Angela finding out who her real father is—will happen S2E1.
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