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For those of you that didn't make it down or even those of you here but didn't come out, a great time was had by all last night at the River City Brewing company on the south bank of the St Johns River. I would imagine there were between 2000 and 3000 Bama fans enjoying the festivities. I saw quite a few people I know that made the trip and met some new Bama friends. The Snake was there broadcasting his evening sports show live from the premises. About 9P the Million Dollar Band arrived and played for about 20-30 min and got the crowd fired up.

My crew is headed over to the stadium about noon to tailgate and get ready.

Roll Tide Drown the 'Noles.

Go Gators and ream the barners.
We TRIED getting there. We had Mapquest directions and we ran into a detour. So, then we pulled over and gave the address to this guy and he sent us back over the river saying it was close to the stadium. We get over there and don't see anything, so we ask a policeman where the address was and he says he doesn't think it's at that location, but at another location (the Landing). So, we go to the landing, pay $10 to park, walk all around it and can't find anything. So, we ask a security guard and she says there isn't a pep rally there, that it must be back across the river. But tells us to go inside and check with the INformation desk. Well, there's nobody at the Information desk, so we ask another security guy and he says it's just across the river and tells us where to turn. But, by this time it was after 7pm and we just said forget it. We knew the actual pep rally was at around 8pm and by the time we got over there, it would be close to 8pm and we would be paying $20 for nothing basically (because my dad runs a website for North Jackson High School and had to get back to the room to listen to the game and update the website throughout the game). Sooo...needless to say I was NOT HAPPY that we couldn't find it. :(

Edit: We went to Google Earth today to find the real directions...the Mapquest directions were WAY OFF! With Google Earth you can get directions and follow the actual route. I learned my lesson...I will not use Mapquest anymore. Google Earth Only!!!
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