| FTBL fRan in the news...11/5/07

ESPN Said "Ware reported that Texas A&M wants to talk to Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville for a potential vacancy. He reported that the school is working with Chuck Neinas, who runs a consulting firm specializing in hiring coaches."

Obviously a Red Elephants conspiracy.
ESPN said they are working on his contract buyout. He has been fired.

EDIT : I just thought I heard them mention it was before the season ended. But I knew I heard them confirm he wouldnt be back.
TexAgs appears to be flooded. I can't even pull it up right now so I assume that every Aggie fan on the net is over there joining in the festivities.

I'm a tad surpised but not totally shocked that (assuming he's been fired) he's gone given the team's performance the last couple of weeks. I know that Bill Byrne (TAM's AD) has stated over and over again that he doesn't fire coaches until after the season but it must have just gotten to be too much for him to bear any more. In the last 2 weeks TAM has rolled over and died against both opponents they've played. That staff out there was coaching like dead men walking over the last several weeks.

Franchione is also taking a lot of heat from the fans for comments he made after the OK loss on Saturday. I'm not sure the context but he apparently stated that the team "needed to feel the pain of this loss". True to form Franchione remains a coward to the end. He takes no responsibility for the losses and isn't above selling out his players to improve his own situation. Not that this was news, i.e. BAMA players, info for money at TAM.

He's a ****bag and I'm glad we're rid of him. Say what you want to about Mike Shula, but I was proud to have someone like Mike coaching for us if for no other reason he had some integrity. The entire situation since Franchione left here has worked out fine as far as I'm concerned.
yeah, he has been throwing the team under the bus at the press conferences of recent. the funny thing is their play calling appears to be the heart of the problem, it appears that they keep trying the same thing over and over and getting the same result, but expecting different results - hmm, the definition of insanity I believe.

the ironic thing to this is that the Aggie Code is all about not cheating or lying. of course, they get fRan who lied to the bama team about "holding the rope". and now they are talking about Tubby, who lied to Ole Miss...

anyone see the trend with a&m yet?
I remember well the day that Fran let go of the rope. It was really the first time I checked out other forums. I was a little hurt, and I definitely considered Fran to be a #%$# for the way he left.

I did not respond to the Aggies on their boards, but I was taken aback at the pure hubris they were spewing. I am paraphrasing but the basic ideas were...

1. Bama is done and now we are paying them back for Coach Bryant.
2. Alabama didn't deserve a great HC.
3. aTm was a great recruiting spot and Fran was going to raid Texas and Oklahoma's cupboard.

The Bama fans that were going over there and saying anything negative about Fran were being lambasted. My how times have changed.

If there is one thing I have learned about all of this, it is not to wish bad things on other programs. Karma, justice, whatever, is a B$%&&%.I wish aTm the best of luck. I hope Tuberville and Auburn find what is best for them. I hope everyone else comes out this smelling like a rose. I just hope Alabama comes out as good or better.
Noooooo! This is not how I wanted it to end for Fran! I was hoping A&M would deny letting Fran go to the hilt, then, after the last game of the season is over, fire him via video?
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