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Not bad... Just got it so it may have already been posted.

Twas the 27th of September when Bama took flight,
Over to Athens for a hell of a fight.

The Tide were dressed in their jerseys of white,
Their fans followed suit....What a hell of a sight.

The dogs were clad in jerseys of black,
Their fans followed suit and screamed "Bulldog Attack"

The hair dyed black of the mascot UGA,
Someone said "Lets call him "Nodda"

The night was filled with the barkings of dogs
The students in bars, drinking like hogs.

The state of GA was ready to rumble
The Tide remained calm and ever-so-humble.

The game began when the dogs kicked the ball,
The Tide took it in....Could no. 3 fall?

They ran through the dogs without a stumble
As the men in black began to crumble

The Tide fans' heads began to swell
As the fans in black said..."What the hell?"

Thirty-one nothing was the halftime score
The bulldogs were quiet and wanted no more

As I stared into the crowd, I took a double-take
The fans in black looked like they were attending a wake

The third quarter was a show of compassion
The Tide took a break from dealing the lashin'

Back to business as the Tide took charge
The defense was strong, with CODY looming large

The game rolled on....The Tide did too
The men in black were all black and blue

Ellerbe, Stafford, Durham, Moreno
All sore this morning....Trust us we know

"Is this real?" the GA fans stammer

As we left the stadium with our bulldog friends, I looked at my cousin
who had started to grin

The walk to the car was a hell of a stroll. All we could say was ROLL

41-30 at the last numeral
The GA fans wore black to their own F@%&*in Funeral!!!
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