| FTBL Fan behavior in stadiums: A disaster waiting to happen...

BamaPride said:
Hawaii is known for this type of behavior, right?

It may take some kind of lawsuit to actually stop some of the nonsense.

I don't recall hearing any stories like this when we visited there a few years ago. Most of the stories revolved around how their mascot attacked towards our players.

When you think about that, then add the war dance and what it carries (perception) is this attitude transcending itself to the fan base as well?
Thanks for the link.

I guess the most unruly college football game that I've attended occurred in 1987 when LSU played Ole Miss in Veterans Memorial Stadium (Jackson).

It was a night game on Halloween weekend; everyone had been in a very festive mood all afternoon, many fans wearing customs, cloaking their true identities.

Once the second half began, fights began to sporadically breakout throughout the stadium, many of them ending up with folks tumbling down the aisles as "rowdies" swung away at each other. These altercations seemed to start on cue whenever the Ole Miss band struck up "Dixie." It is a sight I'll never forget.
I used to tell a friend of mine that, if anyone started any kind of trouble, just to hold on to him and I'd go for help. :shock:

My mama didn't raise no fool. :roll:
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