| FTBL Does Shula Survive?

Does Shula Survive?

  • He gets another year and is gone after the '07 season.

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  • He survives and remains long term.

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He can survive IF he wants to. Drop the vanilla and mix it up with some chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch, nuts and cherries. Ummm good.

If he does that; the opponents won't know what they're getting most of the time.
I seriously think 'Bama will win at least one of the last two regular season games. He will still be pressured to change of the offense.

I hope he goes around the country this off-season and gets some idea's. I know we need a more up tempo offense. Our gameplan is this basically:

We're going to line it up and run it at them. If that doesn't work we will pass. If that doesn't work we will kick a field goal. If we can't kick a field goal...we will punt. :roll:

We need more missdirections, traps, and pulling runs. We have too many plain zone blocking plays. Too easy to read.
I think it plays out like this,

Bama wins the first two next season, then loses a close one against Ark, but comes back and beats UGA. They then lose a heartbreaker to FSU in Jacksonville, then come home rattled and lose to a fired-up, resurgent Houston team. The following week, it is announced Shula will not return for the ’08 season. :?
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