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ACL11190 said:
Why isnt he in the heisman race, im not just saying this because im a bama fan. He has really had a good year

He's having a great year to cap a very good career, but nationally he's not on the radar. Even after his huge day Saturday, he's still number 16 in receiving. Too many pass happy teams around the country.


Hell, let'em keep the Heisman crap. At ALABAMA it's about team. We've never had a Heisman winner at the capstone. Really looking at whos won it and who should have won it. Does it really matter?

Think about like this would you rather have Charles Woodson or Peyton Manning. Guess who won the Heisman :roll:

Charles Woodson won BTW FYI shows how messed up the system is.. :lol:
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