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Are any of you somewhat concerned that the defense may not be 100% ready for the Dawgs because of the beating the defense took against Arky and Mcfadden last Saturday. I mean that Arky mammoth line took its toll on our defensive front. I know these guys are young but i still cant help but feel their pain after that game.

On another thought how well do you think Coach Saban will be able to get the team up for this up coming game. Im a bit concerned about that as well cause if you remember Coach Bryant always said it was very hard to get a team to play at such a high level but so many times during the course of a year. It will take a gallant effort on our part to beat Georgia in my opinion, after all Richt is a lot better coach than Nutt. Your thoughts?
The only thing I'm a little concerned with right now is the possibility of an emotional hangover going into the UGA. Hopefully we're focused and ready to play though.
I think that the comments made by both Darren Mustin and Simeon Castille earlier this week are encouraging.

Mustin spoke of how giving up so many points in the second half was not the identity that they wanted to have. Castille commented after their film review on Monday that it didn't sound like they had won. That gives the impression that Coach Saban and his staff are doing what they can to keep the team grounded. I like Mustin's comments because they point to a team leader who took it personal that they gave up points and yardage whether they won or not.

The injuries are just something that will keep us crossing our fingers. Georgia and Florida State are both teams that you can't let up on. One thing that I've noticed, is that our guys don't seem to be cramping up as much as our opponents. I think this says a lot about out conditioning program. So, maybe that will keep us from getting too many injuries.
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