| TV/MOVIES/MUSIC Crossbones: I like John Malkovich, but NBC on a Friday night? In the summer season?


According to imdb it looks like they've shot 11 episodes. Malkovich as a lead character is enough for me to give it a view or two and by the looks of the cast there's a solid group compiled for this series.

BUT, when I consider it's NBC. When I consider its time slot? It seems like a placement for a show due to be canceled—and that's assuming they decide to show all 11 episodes in the can.

I'll admit it does look like it might be good. I agree with you that with the time slot/summer schedule,it looks like it could be going away before it really has a chance.

The whole programming schedule for TV is not as simple as it use to be. I remember when show season started around Aug./Sept. and would go thru to the following April or May. Now it seems that shows start during different seasons of the year. Some will start in Jan. Others in June,while some will still be out at the start of football season. Watch your shows during the week and then Saturday will be football. When show season ended Summer time was here and that meant being outdoors.
@Hardkore It's on the DVR...I'll get to it. Getting through the last few episodes of Longmire this afternoon in prep for the season premiere tomorrow.

It's one of these summer series. Some of them have actually been fairly decent to follow. A lot of the TNT series debut in the summer months when everything else is in reruns. They aren't "great TV," but it's the type of shows that you know within the first two blocks whether the episode is worth watching or not—if not, erase.

I don't find/make enough time to watch many movies...but, it's easy to get through an hour long drama in 40-42 minutes.
Finally watched a few more episodes this morning. Not a bad show,has some good story telling. Where this is all going ,I can't tell yet except that in probably involves Julian Sands character (William Jagger). Still got a few more episodes to watch for now.
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