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Give it 24-48 hours...more than likely getting tests still.

By the look of the test on the sidelines, I'd say he's out for the year. Looks like MCL to me...very well could be both ACL and MCL.

They said somethin about MCL and they said if it is MCL then that would be better than we thought so he is out for max 4 weeks and we have him back before national title game assuming we make it.

This is all on word of mouth btw nothing for sure yet.
When they showed him on the sideline with the trainers doing the "hold the foot/wiggle the knee" test, looked like a lot of movement to me. Surprise me if he isn't done for the year.
Swamptick said:
He is out for the season. It's over for this year. Sorry to say it.

I'd never wish an injury on a BAMA player but in this case it might be better for all parties involved. If Cody is out this injury might require him to stay a year. That helps his draft stock, thus it helps the team.

We'll just have to see what happens though. I know Glenn Dorsey's case it was similar, but he was able to rehab enough to enter the draft and it probably didn't hurt his stock too much.

The upside for all parties involved (and especially Cody) is that he's not a senior.
porkchop said:
Whether we lose him for a few weeks of we lose him for the year, team's gotta step up and try to fill the void.

I agree, Po'chop.

I was a little surprised that the Bama defense didn't turn it up a notch after Cody's injury, though. I thought they would rally around this unfortunate incident and would play more inspired.

You know, I have lurked around rival boards and have read posts where their fans have been saying BAMA was only an "injury away to Cody from being an average defensive team."

I want our boys to prove that mindset wrong.
Man, I hope thats true.....just a few weeks.

I think we can beat UT without him. I thought Chapman and Gentry filled in pretty good.

Lets hope we can get him back for LSU.
Praying for Cody!!!

That said, CNS just said he might be back in a few weeks confirming what the article in the 2nd link said.

Hoping for a speedy recovery Cody!!!
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