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Reporter - "When John Parker's run got called back, when the field goal got blocked, was there doubt in your mind? Did you start to wonder?"

Coach Nick Saban - "I never wonder. That is part of being a good competitor. You know, you gotta keep playin. You gotta play the next play no matter what happened on the last play. That's what we ask the players to do. That's what we need to do as Coaches."

I am in love with this football coach......*cough*...in a totally non gay way of course.

I loved everything Coach had to say about the game. I his approach in asking the team did they play their best game? He saw room for improvement but was still able to allow the team to enjoy a hard fought, well deserved victory.
Are these idiot reporters ever going to quit baiting Coach with these stupid questions? "What was the most creative thing you heard from an LSU fan?" Jeez. What a tool.
Dalton Tider said:
It looks like you guys can get the audio but no luck here with either link. Has the audio been up and down at different times?

I just tried both and they worked fine for me.

I don't know what to tell ya DT...sorry you are missing out on it...might want to try right clicking on the wmv file and saving it...then listening to it. :?:
Thanks for the Tips. It still won't work for me. It must be a server issue for this area. Both Pressers are on Tide Sports.com along with other videos. The sound works fine on everything else except the post LSU presser. I will keep trying.
Ya know, the thing that impresses me most about his press conferences is his unwavering focus on the next task at hand. Like a pit bull on a gut wagon! :D
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