| FTBL Coach Bryant would be 95 today

Kirk Van de Graaff

Gravity Checker
Paul (Bear) Bryant

Born: Sept. 11, 1913

Bryant coached at 4 colleges over 38 years; directed Alabama to 6 national titles (1961,64-65, 1973, 78-79); retired in 1982 as the winningest coach of all time (323-85-17 record), 15 bowl wins, including 8 Sugar Bowls.
Happy Birthday Bear! Like Benc, I never got to watch him roam the sidelines. How truly fortunate are some of you who did. :D
Coach Bryant passed away when I was 12 years old. When your a kid you always tell people what you are going to do when you groww up. Mine was that I was going to Alabama to play football for Coach Bryant. Happy birthday COACH. RTR
Since today is such a historic anniversary, I thought I would share the following quote:

"If the government had been more diligent, September 11th would still only be known as Bear Bryant's birthday."
Former Senator and Presidential Candidate Fred Thompson
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