| FTBL Cincinnati at Marshall tonight on ESPN...

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TerryP said:
Porter said:
Not a great marquee match-up or anything, but at least it is something. I think there has been a college game on every night this week.

'tis true...been one on since Tuesday.

I was thinking there was even one on Monday night too, but I think it was just MNF now that I think about it. At least it was still football on every night.
I thought for sure I had the upset pick here with Marshall since the Cincinnati starting (previous 2nd string) QB was out with a broken arm and they had to start their 3rd string QB. Their first string QB broke his leg against Oklahoma back in the 2nd game.

Oh well. I guess the Thundering Turds really do stink!
Brian Kelly can flat out coach and has the UC program going in the right direction. Marshall, a 40 minute drive from where I live, is struggling because of youth.
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