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Phillips Marshall (Auburn beat writer for AUtigers.com) of Scout.com claims that he would be very surprised to see Chapman play at all and thinks he will and should be ruled ineligeble. He also states that if UA had anything to do with it they would be in serious trouble. This is posted on up front and center. Does the barn have nothing better to do than worry about recruits they have lost to Bama?
I am sure that we will be ultra cautious on whether we play Chapman or not. If he does play I think we can be confident that the circomstances have been aired with the NCAA and we've been assured that it is ok. As long as we don't play him ( thus gaining a 'competitive advantage') we shouldn't have any trouble unless someone at Bama was involved in getting the grade changed improperly.
O.K. someone answer a question for me on the Chapman situation. Did Chapman make it through the NCAA Clearinghouse with his original transcript or the "modified" one? If he made it through the Clearinghouse with the original transcript, he is eligible to play. If he didn't, we might have an issue. My understanding of the situation was that he didn't qualify for ADMISSION to the University, not that he didn't qualify as defined by the NCAA. Anyone have any info on this?
It is my understanding that the NCAA clearing house approved him based on the second transcript. We questioned the first one because we had been led to believe that there were no academic issues with Chapman but noted that based on the first transcript he would not qualify.
Porterhouse said:
Phillip Marshall is the quintessential barner.

Not to worry. To be fair and balanced, The Huntsville Times has Bama homer Paul Gattis as their beat wrtier. :)

Aside from Marshall's opinion, I would think all of you would want to be on the safe side and not play Chapman until the air clears and the NCAA makes a final ruling. Why risk having to forfeit a game such as Western Carolina for playing Chapman when you don't have to.
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