| FTBL Cecil Hurt's article is another gem

Each word Hurt has said, We have been talking around here yesterday. That's simply, It was a miracle 'Bama could win the game until last seconds. This said so much about our coaching and players' effort. We're in the right direction, not doubt...

This was a solid test of where we are relative to where we want to be....Airight? :lol:

Seriously, given a couple recruiting classes we will be dominant soon. The nice thing is everyone can see it,rival coaches,media,players,and most important future players. Recruits know where we are heading.
Last night was a good sign of how far we need to go to compete with the best. Coach Saban ,his staff and the playere are gaining respect and ground on these top teams in our conference. Patience,we will be rewarded.
Roll Tide!!!
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