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Vaughn Mancha,Marvin Constant and Reggie Myles will be on our Talk of Champions call in show tonight. Next week George Teague will be our guest. Click here to listen to the show via computer and for the number to call in and be on the show.


Vaughn Mancha played for Frank Thomas on BAMA's 1944-47 team. He also was head coach at UWA, Mancha served as Florida State's Defensive Coordinator before taking over as the school's athletic director in 1959. As a player, Mancha was a two-time All-American at Alabama under Coach Frank Thomas and a member of Alabama's Team of the Century selected in 1992. He is also a member of Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, a member of the National Football Hall of Fame, the NFL Hall of Fame, the Florida State Athletic Hall of Fame and the Blue-Gray All-Star Game Hall of Fame.

Marvin was an outstanding linebacker for the Crimson Tide earning All-SEC freshmen honors in 1999. Before his knee injury sustained against LSU ended his season, and his career, Marvin was the leading tackler on the team. His best game was against Tennesse when he had 17 tackles. Marvin was a Blue Chipper out of Central High School of Tuscaloosa.

Reggie Myles played DB at BAMA from 1998-2001 and then played in the NFL. He is currently preparing to play in the AAFL.
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